Electrical & Electronics

This industry gains value from the excellent insulation properties, thermal resistance, mechanical integrity and fire resistance. Product examples include cabinets and junction boxes, equipment enclosures, lamp housings, electrical components, cable trucking, battery enclosures, busbar components, etc.


Automotive, Aviation and Mass Transportation, hugely benefit from the weight reduction and fire resistance properties, as well as the resulting reduced fuel emission. Product examples include lightweight interior and body parts, front ends, interior dashboard parts, mass transportation seats, etc.

Building & Construction

Corrosion, fire & thermal resistance, weight-saving, design flexibility and durability are key advantages for this industry. Product examples include water tanks, ceiling and wall panels, doors, fire cabinets, fencing, kiosks, shading, manhole covers, road and sound proof barriers, anti-slip and grating walkways, etc.

Clean & Renewable Energy

Strength, weight reduction, durability and fire resistance are some of the key benefits of composite products for this industry. Product examples include fan blades, wind and water turbine components, electrical vehicle charging stations and enclosures, etc.

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